Hair and Makeup in Philadelphia for possibly the next President of the United States.


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This is one of the most exciting things Bella Angel has ever been a part of. We love doing weddings, mitzvahs and working with our talented celebrities but working with MSNBC doing hair and makeup for possibly the next President of the United States is so exciting.  I just did Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes and standing across from Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders is arriving soon to sit in my chair. I can’t believe I’m here! These are the thoughts going through my head. This day will always be remembered and we feel so honored to be asked to be a part of history. We arrived at The Constitution Center at 8:00am through crazy amounts of security. We all had background checks done and just know that we all checked out by the Secret Service and they confirmed it was safe to be around the Bella Angel Girls.  I would like to say we are not partial to the Republican or Democratic Party, we just love the thrill of being involved. This project went on for over a week and some nights we were there until 2:00 am at the Hotel Monaco . The on-camera journalists were so amazing and sweet and just easy to work with. One of my favorites was Thomas Roberts. Thomas is so handsome and super nice. Did I mention he is handsome and flawless and hardly needs any makeup? Some of the other on air journalists that we loved were Tamron Hall, she is striking and Chris Hayes, he was darling. I did his hair and then I googled him after I did his hair and sent him away. I then ran after him and asked him to come back so I could change his hairstyle, he doesn’t ever wear his hair the way I originally did it, but he is so nice he didn’t want to say anything. Good thing I googled him, or he would have looked odd to the people who follow him on TV. I was backstage with Bernie waiting for him to go on and just before he went on he gave me a wink. He was so sweet to us and we really liked working with him. I also want to mention, he didn’t want anything done to his hair, that is his look.  For people who say that he should comb his hair, he is not interested in a comb. He is interested in being President.