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Democratic Convention 2016

What a thrilling and memorable experience being apart of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. We were honored to provide our hair and makeup services for the MSNBC News team and  many familiar politicians and Hollywood Celebrities. Our Bella Angel team of hair and makeup artists did a phenomenal job working for almost 2 weeks 24 hours a day. That’s right, 24 hours a day. We had 18 stylists involved in this incredible event.  We would have 4 stylists arrive at 4 am to do the morning shows and work 12-14 hours and then the next shift would arrive to take over the hair and makeup. We were covering 3 different locations for hair and makeup.  It was a crazy schedule and the stylists handled it like pros. We had such an amazing time and were honored to be selected to be apart of history. We are proud of the Bella Angel hair and makeup artists and their hard work!
hillary w flags

                                                                                               2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton

obama and hillary 2016 philadelphia

                                                                                                 President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

hillary history


VP Joe Biden

                                                                                                                Vice President Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders                                                                                                                                          Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders

Al Franken

                                                                                        Minnesota’s Senator, Actor and Comedian Al Franken

Iza Mich Robert 3                                                                                                   MSNBC Journalist Thomas Roberts                      

Tom Brokaw

                                                                                                            Television Journalist Tom Brokaw

Senator Jason Carter

                                                                                                        Georgia’s Senator Jason Carter

Anita Dunn Sr. Obama Campaign Adviser

                                                                                                          Political Strategist Anita Dunn

Tamron Hall

                                                                                                  NBC News Correspondent Tamron Hall

Stephen Colbert

                                                                                                    Talk Show Host  Stephen Colbert

Elizabeth Warren

                                                                                                   Massachusetts SenatoElizabeth Warren

Rosie Perez

                                                                                                                       Actress Rosie Perez

Gov. Tom Wolf

                                                                                                      Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

Ed Rendell

                                                                                         Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

Congressman Cummings MD

                                                                                          Maryland House of Representative Elijah Cummings


Barb and Rob Reiner

                                                                                                                         Actor Rob Reiner

Barb and Karime Abdul Jabar

                                                                                            Basketball Great Kareem Abdul –  Jabbar

Barb and Chris Matthews

                                                                                           MSNBC  Commentator Chris Matthews 

Attorney General Eric Holder

                                                                                                United States Attorney General Eric Holder

Barb and the Dukakis

                                                                            Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis and His Wife Kitty


DNC Pass

Balloons 2

Convention Staidium Arial ViewHillary on the big screen 2mcnbc chairs and equipment